Strengthening integrity through electoral reforms

Appel à contribution – Avant le 18 janvier 2016

Charles University

Prague, République tchèque

7 Septembre, 201610 Septembre, 2016
Application Deadline: 18 Janvier, 2016
Organized by the Electoral Integrity Project

This closed panel welcomes original contributions that discuss the link between electoral reforms and the overall quality of electoral governance and integrity.

EIP’s closed panel would be part of the section on “Changing political institutions: New perspectives in the study of reforms and their consequences”. Chairs: C. Bedock, D. Bol & T. Ehrhard.

Papers should provide evidence on the relationship between these two phenomena, either by looking at how policy reforms enhance electoral integrity (consequences of reforms) or how poor levels of electoral integrity and governance shape the conditions for subsequent policy changes (causes of reforms). Preference will be given to contribution providing comparative empirical evidence, although case studies that adopt a time-series approach will also be considered.